Alison O’Neil

Founder & President, Aging Beautifully, LLC

L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth honoree Alison O’Neil KNOWS how and why the impact of how we feel about the way we look affects how we impact the world. Pioneering the fields of Medical Esthetics and Aesthetic Health and Rehabilitation for over 35 years, O’Neil has shared pearls of clinical skin care and appearance counseling with thousands of clients and professionals internationally. Her driving philosophy is that appearances go well beyond the surface, and they profoundly influence the thought, “If you don’t think you can, you can’t”. Ms. O’ Neil holds a B.S. degree in Mental Health and Human Services with a unique advanced specialization in The Psychology of Appearance. As Chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Aesthetic Health Initiative, she is driving fellow professionals to continue to define the parameters of the power of human appearance. O’Neil’s own charity, the Beauty Becomes You™ Foundation, confronts social isolation and strives to prevent Failure to Thrive Syndrome, which occurs due to a lack of touch in senior adults and caregivers. The mission is accomplished by providing Aesthetic Health services and Hygiene needs of senior adults.

2:00-2:30 PM Workshop

Sunday 18th, September

Developing Lifelong Purpose and Meaning

 Leading studies from MetLife Mature Market Institute and others show that the number one desire we all hold is to live lifelong with purpose and meaning. In this seminar, we will uncover how aesthetic health, defined by the impact of how we feel and think about the way we look and the care we take of ourselves, directly impacts our sense of purpose and meaning.