Dr. Sangeeta Sahi, M.D., MBA

Founder, Genuine Human Being

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi MD, MBA.
Founder, Unified Human Foundation, and Integrative and Transformational Medical Doctor Unified Human Foundation (Founder) Dr. Sangeeta Sahi is the founder of Unified Human Foundation in the UK, nonprofit supporting NGO projects globally to unify human beings with Nature, and through those projects, with each other. She has worked directly with NGOs in India, Africa, the USA in projects of developing innovation and natural solutions for environmental, health, and cultural/community sustainability for over 20 years. Dr. Sangeeta, as well as working as an Integrative Medical Doctor and Anti-aging Consultant, graduating from Christian Medical College, India, also has an MBA degree from ESSEC, Paris, France.
She is a pioneering medical physician who has been able to combine her formal medical training with a host of complementary therapies based on biophysical and quantum physical evidence. In the field of integrative immune system health, Dr. Sangeeta has designed specific programmes for individuals experiencing cancer and autoimmune diseases, using her own particular integrated approach. This programme is called Conscious Cancer®.

6.30 - 7:00 PM Workshop

Friday 16th, September

An Introduction to Conscious Cancer Program

Introduction and background to the Conscious Cancer® program created and designed by Dr. Sangeeta Sahi. The importance of Consciousness for Health and Wellness.