Katie + Athena, Thurber + Kakoliris

Co-Founders of Ava Retreats

Katie Thurber, Co-Founder Ava Retreats + Certified Reiki Healer + Wellness Advocate, will focus on the connection of breath to the body and some simple, actionable exercises to de-stress and clear the mind for better sleep, focus, and calm. Athena Kakoliris, Co-Founder Ava Retreats + Certified Yoga Instructor + Wellness Advocate, will move through a series of actionable postures and engage participants in a guided movement flow to help with mobility. Athena will focus on the asanas around helping with prolonged sitting and those working more from home in front of the computer.

12:30-1:00 PM Workshop

Saturday 17th, September

Connecting to the Body through Breath and Movement.

Join us in learning about the mission of Ava Retreats and a quick introduction on how to better connect with your body through breath and movement practices that are easily accessible to everyone. De-stress, reconnect and focus with just a few minutes of mindful movement and concentrated breath work.