Linda Bertaut

CEO, Chakralicious

A pioneer in the Beauty Industry, Linda Bertaut brought Reiki and energy healing to esthetics over 20 years ago. Linda is a Milady author, national speaker, award-winning Esthetician, and Reiki master teacher. Linda is the healer’s healer, teaching others how to embrace and utilize their healing abilities. She is the inventor of the Energy Make-Over and gemstone treatments. She is the founder of Chakralicious, helping people find meaning and purpose in life.

3:30-4:15 PM Workshop

Saturday 17th, September

Reiki: Your All-In-One Energy Protection Tool

Do you love your work but hate getting drained of all your energy by the end of the day? Learn how hands-on, energy healing with Reiki can perk you up and protect you from others. Reiki is the most useful healing modality that you can use to protect and heal yourself as well as activate your client’s healing energy. You can reduce and/or eliminate stress, anxiety, negative self-talk, and even depression.

Linda will explain why Energy Healing is needed to heal issues that begin with your subtle energy body.

You will learn:

• What is Reiki, and how it works
• How out of balance Chakras create a multitude of issues
• The difference between Leaky Aura and Healthy Aura
• Demo of how to use Reiki for self-healing and protection