Matt Emmi

Founder, OneButton

: Matt Emmi is the founder of OneButton - a Technology Design and Integration firm based in NYC and LA. Matt’s background in physics and his business partner’s in art in design together inform a minimal and classic approach to home technology. This process has been refined by working with world-class architects on iconic projects such as Hiroshi Sigumoto’s Floating Inner Garden at 432 Park Ave. OneButton has received 9 Lutron excellence awards in the past nine years. When not deep in technology, Matt can otherwise be found flying Drones at Burning Man as an academy-nominated and award-winning Aerial Cinematographer.

1:30-2:00 PM Seminar

Saturday 17th, September

Lighting and Circadian Rhythms

Discover accidental insights from working with tunable light with the world's most pre-eminent artists. Explore the potential effects of circadian lighting on sleep and productivity. Discuss the future of dynamic lighting in homes, restaurants, lounges, offices, and creative spaces.