Nikki Ostrower

CEO/Founder, NAO Wellness

Nikki Ostrower is the Founder of NAO Wellness and Integrative Nutritionist, working with individuals, couples, families, and major corporations for the past 14 years to create unique, curated meal and lifestyle plans that transform lives. Nikki also created NAO Acupressure Ear Seed Kits, supporting anyone to be their own healer in 5 minutes, and provides Nationwide Testing for Food Intolerances, Genetics, and Nutrient Insufficiencies to further support unique needs with science-backed data. Nikki’s expertise has been featured in: Good Morning America, Vanity Fair, SHAPE, Well + Good, Refinery29, InStyle, and more. Follow Nikki and NAO Wellness on Instagram @NAOWellness and read great health tips on her Blog and Ballou Review!

1.30 - 2.00 PM Workshop

Sunday 18th, September

Skin and Nutrition

Learn the best Nutrition and Supplement recommendations for glowing, radiant skin from expert Nutritionist Nikki Ostrower, CEO and Founder of NAO Wellness. These techniques will also boost your gut health, immune system, energy, and more.