Roy Davis

Founder, Good Acro

: Matt Emmi is the founder of OneButton - a Technology Design and Integration firm based in NYC and LA. Matt’s background in physics and his business partner’s in art in design together inform a minimal and classic approach to home technology. This process has been refined by working with world-class architects on iconic projects such as Hiroshi Sigumoto’s Floating Inner Garden at 432 Park Ave. OneButton has received 9 Lutron excellence awards in the past nine years. When not deep in technology, Matt can otherwise be found flying Drones at Burning Man as an academy-nominated and award-winning Aerial Cinematographer.

2:00-2:30 PM Workshop

Saturday 17th, September

Good Acro, Good Health.

We will be presenting movement and flow for Acroyoga to promote trust, communication, mobility, and good physical and mental health for group or solo activities.