Kimberly Klein, LMT

Founder, Body Evolve

I’ve been a medical massage specialist for 34 years. I trained in whole health healing, including meditation, Chigong, yoga, Sanskrit, and Manuel medical massage techniques. I was a traumatic brain injury representative in the state of Colorado for 8 yrs. I studied advanced microbiology with Dr. Indira Eskara from Belgium. Helps me to understand our environment, food, supplements, and choice's their impact on our individual equation as well as the aging process in the modern-day world.

Pillar 2 Nutrition & Immunity

Saturday, September 16, 2023 September 16, 2023 World Wellness Weekend

How to maintain Breast Tissue Health

Demonstrating how to flush lymphatics in the breast tissue. Understanding the difference between the healthy breast tissue and dense tissue and what that means. Empowering women on how to maintain their breast tissue health