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Amy Camie

Certified Clinical Musician, The Healing Harpist

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi, M.D., MBA

Founder, Genuine Human Being

Kimberly Klein, LMT

Founder, Body Evolve

Shyamali Singhal, MD Ph.D.

CEO, Hope and Beauty

Brett Cotter

Author / Founder, Stress Is Gone

Debra Duneier

Founder & President, EcoChi

Heather Lee

Founder/Director, Medicine Woman Retreats

Sonia Tita Puopolo

Co-Founder & CEO, Wellness World USA™

Katie + Athena, Thurber + Kakoliris

Co-Founders of Ava Retreats

George MacPherson

Founder, Sound of the Times

Matt Emmi

Founder, OneButton

Roy Davis

Founder, Good Acro

Katie + Athena, Thurber + Kakoliris

Co-Founders of Ava Retreats

Sonia Satra

Founder, Moticise

Linda Bertaut

CEO, Chakralicious

Edyta Satchell

Founder, Finelle

Brooke Jeffy, MD

Board-Certified Dermatologist

Yamuna Zake

Founder & Ceator, Yamuna Body Rolling

Christine Cole

Founder, The Botanical Station

Nikki Ostrower

CEO/Founder, NAO Wellness

Alison O’Neil

Founder & President, Aging Beautifully, LLC

Karen Ballou

Founder and CEO, Immunocologie

Angelo Grinceri

Founder/CEO, Happie Space

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